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The Plan!

God created man to be His friend. He wanted man to be free to make choices not just a blind obedient robot, but . . .

unfortunately man made some really bad choices that seperated him from God, but . . .

God still loved His creation man, and had created a secret plan in case man made bad choices, but . . .

the plan required that God would have to give up his only Son to get man back.

God executed the plan and gave up His Son.

God loved man (us) so much that He sacrificed His only son! Look and see verse 16!

The plan involved man (us) receiving a free gift from God, but . . .

the gift had some stipulations.

First of all, God wanted us to be sorry for the bad choices that we had made and . . .
agree to turn away from those choices going forward; Look and see verses 10!

Secondly, He wanted us to follow His son Jesus daily. Look and see verses 1-2!, but . . .

He knew it would be difficult for us, so, He decided to help us execute our part of the plan.
(Actually that was also part of His plan.) Look and see verses 15-27!

You can see He has given us His Spirit to guide us!

He has also given us the Bible as a guidebook!

All of this so that He can restore realtionship with us! Isn't that amazing love!

Isn't this Great News!! If you would like to know more: Mail Us!

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